What We Do
  1. Raise & Breed Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
    We raise and breed Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats for Milk quality, Show quality, 4-H projects, and pets. We will have our first spring babies born on the farm in Spring of 2016!
  2. Raise & Breed Chickens
    We raise and breed chickens. We currently have Bielefelder Chickens, Heritage Dominiques, Black Australorp chickens, and Blue Swedish Isbar chickens. We love rare and heritage breeds with beautiful colors that serve as both wonderful egg producers and meat birds.
  3. Sell baby chicks
    We collect fertilized eggs and hatch them here on the farm. You can purchase chicks from us here on the farm. We will be selling chicks online this spring 2016 and shipping them!
  4. Sell Hatching Eggs
    We can collect fertilized eggs and will ship them to you for you to hatch! Watching your own eggs hatch is such a fun experience.
Your Adventure Begins Here!
  1. Did you know? Let us know how you like our farm or how your purchase went! We love to here from our customers!

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